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   NAVTEC -40 Rod Press (Left)                 Swaging Machine Ally

   NAVTEC -76 Rod Press (Right)        Rotary Swaging of cables to 1"Dia.


                 Swage Fittings That Look Like Jewelry





          "MIDI SQUEEZE"                         "LITTLE THUMPER"

       For Cable up to 1/2"           For Ball & Shank (AN664) Fittings

Hydraulic Powered Nicopress Machine   they look like you could wear them

                                      for Decoration they are so uniform.







                     "BIG BERTHA"                 "BABY BERTHA"      "BERTHA JUNIOR"

    Rotary Swaging up to 1" Cable      For Cable up to    For Cable up to

                                          1/4" Dia.           1/2" Dia.



              "BIG MA MU"                Nitronic 50 Rod Straightening up to

Rod Cold Heading for Yachts up to                  -76 Rod.

140' (-260 Rod) Also used for 12     The straightest rods in the Business

Meter and racing yacht special